Seven Yards is about sarees, the number seven, women and so much more! Seven Yards was launched on 07.07.2019 - keeping up with our brand name. Our foundation is based on offering sarees of exceptional quality at affordable prices. We're trying to break the stereotypical belief that "higher the price - better the quality". We're also trying to break the barrier that not many millennials wear sarees. Sarees are a classic statement for Indian women. They're exquisite, colorful, rich in culture, the envy of rest of the world. Yet, the trend of wearing sarees every day is becoming something that belongs to our grandmothers' time. Seven Yards sarees brings you casual, yet stunning sarees you can carry off with pride to work, to dinners, a wedding, and why not - even a girls' night out. We curate sarees that are minimal, easy to pair with any type of blouse and guarantees to give you a classy look.


Kesica Jayapalan is a former tennis professional who dedicated most part of her life training and playing tournaments. She completed her Bachelors in the US while representing her University's tennis team. She came back to India with a goal to uplift women while building her dream to be a serial entrepreneur. Seven Yards is her first step towards that goal. Kesica loves to travel and aims to visit every country in the world. She still enjoys an occasional game of tennis, loves a good book and adores animals. When she's not busy changing the world one day at a time, you can find her spending time with her golden retriever, Sandy and husky, Luna.

If you'd like to get in touch with her directly, you can reach her at